The Breeze plays all your favorite songs from 1960’s – Today Artist like:

Elton John, Doobie Brothers, Bruce Springsteen, Journey, Carly Simon, Lionel Richie, Billy Joel, Air Supply, Chicago, and much more stay tuned you never know what we will play.


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  1. I stumbled on this, trying to listen to something. Usually, I listen to CBS, but they play the some thing over and over. I am 60 year old African American woman, who grew up on all music. When I tuned in, you were playing. Horse with no Name,” America.” I sat down, that’s my song. Then, Diana Ross, came on. So I kept the station on. Thank You, so very much. I pride myself on my music collection, but, I heard some songs, that took me back, and some I forgot about. But, when I heard “Turn around, Look at me. ” the Vogues”, that was it. I preset, my Bose. It is fantastic!. Thank You, Thank You. This music of today, is awful. Now, I know, each generation is different. But, this is awful. Bless you, I have told some family members, to check you out. Keep up the good work. When I woke up, this morning I heard Lulu,”to Sir with love. I don’t want to turn you off. But, I have to work and sleep. Please, continue doing it!! Can’t wait to hear what’s next.

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